About Turramurra

Formerly a delapidated and disused tennis court this area has been transformed into a contmporary oasis to entertain friends or caontemplative meditation.

Our client wanted to create a space to draw their late teenaged children out into the garden. Past the ages of running and jumping it needed to be a place for quiet conversation and for festive gatherings.

The inclusion of  a water feature serves as more than a visual delight; it’s a sanctuary for contemplation and medititaion. Its presence not only enriches the landscape’s allure but also offers a testament to the profound wisdom that nature imparts. Where as the fire pit emerges as a dramatic counterpoint and ignites the senses with its warmth and vitality. Together, the pond and fire pit forge a delicate equilibrium, a duality that mirrors the intricate balance of nature itself. They are yin and yang, each enhancing the other’s beauty and significance. The tranquil pond invites contemplation and introspection, mirroring the stillness of the soul, while the fiery heart of the fire pit kindles the spirit with its dynamic energy and communal vitality.

The garden composition of strong architectural lines, serving as a powerful yet elegant framework, framing the next design element. These commanding lines, bold and unapologetic, establish a sense of order and structure that guide the eye and define the narrative of the space and  are the backbone for the garden.

The architectural elements, bold and assertive, command attention with their deliberate lines and geometric intricacies. They define spaces with purpose, shaping pathways, and focal points that demand attention. These elements become sculptural artworks themselves, standing as both functional anchors and aesthetic statements. Complementing these strong features is a carefully choreographed selection of architectural planting chosen not only to enhance the presence of the architectural elements but to become the feature in themselves. We epecially love the Blue ‘Agave Americana’  boldly standing century against the natural stone wall.


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