Queens Park

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Contemporary Cottage Flair

Nestled within the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, this Contemporary Cottage Garden is a homage to Victorian elegance. Meticulously curated to dance in harmony with its historical surroundings while embracing the allure of contemporary design, offering a captivating blend of texture, foliage, and year-round visual spectacle.

As you step into this captivating haven, you are immediately enveloped in a tapestry of foliage that showcases the artful pairing of vibrant blooms and lush foliage. Each plant, thoughtfully chosen for its distinctive foliage, contributes to a combination of color and texture, ensuring that the garden holds interest throughout every season. The delicate balance between flowering moments and evergreen charm keeps things interesting

The garden’s scale and texture have been meticulously considered, bringing to life a sensory experience that engages both the eye and touch.  Large-format sandstone paving slabs traverse the garden, grounding the space in a natural, tactile embrace. Underfoot, the texture of the sandstone offers a connection to the earth, creating a captivating contrast to the polished concrete surfaces that define the home’s interiors. This juxtaposition of materials creates an interplay between the exterior and interior, seamlessly bridging the gap between past and present.

Elegantly navigating the demands of heritage preservation and modern architectural sensibilities, the garden design seamlessly extends from the Victorian façade, guiding your gaze through a journey that encapsulates the essence of both eras. The classic charm of the frontage gracefully transitions into a contemporary realm, where sleek lines and avant-garde elements coalesce, painting a portrait of innovative synergy. The synergy between historical heritage and modern aesthetic underscores the property’s distinct personality, inviting you to traverse a visual narrative that bridges two worlds.


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